Who you are speaks SO LOUDLY…

As I came home yesterday from shopping I saw new pictures up on my neighbors front door.  Sometimes they stay up for days. and it rains. and it looks awful.

The little girl who lives next door  also hangs pictures from the tree and hangs things from the tree branches. She digs all over the place and plants fake flowers and cups and pots in the ground. and I think this is an absolutely beautiful, wonderful thing!!

Earlier, as I finished up my shopping and waited in line, I overheard a man call his son bad, an idiot, stupid and a baby. As if the words were not bad enough, it was the tone which hurt me the most. The little boy looked to be about three years old and had lost his wallet. Apparently the wallet had money in it. Why a three year old was responsible for a wallet with money is beyond me, but I felt helpless and angry as I listened to him being told how awful and stupid he was. He didn’t cry. He didn’t yell. He just looked sad. It broke my heart.

A few weeks ago, I was in the stands prior to my daughters Field Hockey game, and I overheard a conversation between my daughter and another player. The girl asked for help with her hair. She had braided it herself but was unhappy with how it looked. My daughter fixed her braid, and when the girl said she felt like her hair needed to be special for the game…Amelia replied “You don’t need anything special, you are beautiful and perfect JUST the way you are!”

How are you speaking to your children? How do you speak to yourself? How are your children speaking to others?

Words MATTER!! Children are PEOPLE! Do not take lightly the job we have in raising them.  The way you speak to them will matter for years and years to come.

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