Don’t get lost in your own life| Who are you beyond Mom?

Over the last several weeks I have had a similar conversation with a handful of different women. None of them connected, all shared a common dilemma. Each of them expressed a feeling of being lost, of not knowing themselves, of questioning many things that they once KNEW.sports74.ru

I find SO many moms (it may happen to non mama’s too) give and give and GIVE! Somewhere along the way they forget that they are a person, a person separate from the title.  Many are wives and employees as well, and tend to, in those roles also put others ahead of self. They use to have hopes and dreams. Now, they don’t remember what those were and don’t know where to start in coming up with new ones.

lost woman

For me it took a divorce, and then a longterm relationship which was not a fit (the end which felt like a 2nd divorce) before I began question who *I* was, what I wanted and IF it mattered. Accepting it did matter came first, it took a bit more to realize its a priority and even more work to be okay with that.

Today, especially as I raise a daughter, I am proud to say that I have purpose and meaning  in my life that does NOT come from being a Mom or a significant other. I use to think doing so would take away from…what I have learned is it adds to EVERY aspect of my life so much more.

One friend, acquaintance or stranger at a time…I wish I could sit down for coffee and say, you ARE so much more. YOU matter. Please, before you find yourself questioning if  your life, start looking for things that feed YOU. What do you love to do? What goals would you like to accomplish?

Woman lost goals

I would tell you that it took a lot of work to get here, and that the work is ongoing but SO worth it.


Please comment and share with us what have YOU found successful in learning to dream for yourself again?

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