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I had intended on writing some cute, tongue in cheek, little post about boobies. I searched the internet for something fun like a pink ribbon cartoon girl or a Save the Ta Ta’s graphic.  Instead I came across the image you see above…and I was moved.

I am walking the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure in September. I get to sleep in a pink tent city. I get to walk with some of my best girlfriends. We are making plans for all the pink things we will wear, like we are going to some awesome girly pink party…and we are…but I believe we will come out with SO much more.

I am going into this as someone who has always admired those who have walked, without a real grasp of why. I have never personally been effected by Breast Cancer…I have friends who have. It steals Moms, and sisters, and daughters. It steals wives, and Grandmas and BEST friends.

Please click on the picture above and read the blog post at The Jewish Womens Archive…I hope it moves you too.

I am raising money for this walk, and while I would appreciate a donation (snazzy little donation button on the right) what I would prefer is that YOU WALK. Walk with me and my friends ( Team Triumph ) or look for a walk in a city near you.

~ Peace


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