The Kitchen Nutrition Abs Workout| Fork it to me, baby!

Abs are made in the KITCHEN!!

I know, I know. No one wants to hear it. We would rather do almost anything to get abs than limit the very things that are preventing us from seeing them.  However, the old saying “abs are made in the kitchen” is true.

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Some tips I give to people who are trying to tone the mid-section:

  • cut out dairy
  • stop drinking alcohol
  • limit your sodium intake
  • work your core
  • drink more water
  • avoid sugar

While I do believe the KEY to abs is the forklift (fork lift to mouth? get it?), a strong core IS also important. There are many great ways to work and strengthen your core muscles. One of my very favorites is plank.

How to plank:

  1. Lie Flat on the Floor
  2. Perform A Push Up
  3. Tighten Your Abs Muscles
  4. Hold It

To begin, hold this position for 20 seconds. As time goes on while you are in the plank position, you may notice your stomach beginning to drop or your hips rising. To avoid this, remain aware of your position and keep your abs engaged, working to keep your body in a straight line. Repeat 3-5 times. Once you are good at this and can hold plank for longer periods of time, try some plank rotations.There are many other exercises that at engaging your core muscles while working other parts of your body. This will provide you with a strong core and a more functional body than knocking out old school sit ups.Still want more…just need to feel your abs burn? Ok, I feel ya. Try these

With the combination of good nutrition and a strong core, you’ll be rockin belly shirts in NO time!

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