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I peed my pants

This might be TMI but I am okay with that…it might help someone else!http://lux-standart.ru As a lot of middle aged moms out there may know, any sort of jumping or running or sneezing for that matter MAY result in peeing … Continue reading

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you know what I hate almost as much as I hate cancer? (and you all KNOW how much I hate cancer)Навес из дерева своими руками I fucking hate anxiety and depression. (yeah, its gonna be that kind of post. I’m … Continue reading

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The Balancing Act

I have never taken juggling lessons…however, some days I feel like it should be a required skill for moms! Can you relate? Finding a “Balanced” life can be hard at times.  It is something that I work on each and every day; … Continue reading

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Get OFF the poor sleep/bad diet merry-go-round. The connection between sleep and dietary habits has been studied for years. Recent findings suggest that not only can poor sleep lead to bad food choices but that those bad food choices can … Continue reading

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The Kitchen Nutrition Abs Workout| Fork it to me, baby!

Abs are made in the KITCHEN!! I know, I know. No one wants to hear it. We would rather do almost anything to get abs than limit the very things that are preventing us from seeing them.  However, the old … Continue reading

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Should you workout while sick?

There are many schools of thought when it comes to being sick and working out. A Google search will get you all sorts of varying information.  It seems the general rule of thumb is the above the neck rule. If … Continue reading

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