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I used to be a CCD teacher| My spiritual journey

It may come as a surprise to many who know me. I helped teach kindergarteners about religion. It was so long ago, it seems like another life…and in a lot of ways it was. I was young(er), newly Catholic and … Continue reading

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PMS making you HUNGRY? | Are you ovary-acting?

(the ADORABLE cross stitch above is available at the Etsy store of nerdylittlestitcher)       Does PMS = Hunger? I have been taking my diet/nutrition seriously at a whole new level lately and its been paying off!  I’ve been … Continue reading

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Warm Up America| Crochet and Knitting for a Cause

Warm Up America! Check out this awesome project going on at Michaels right now! My daughter, Amelia and I have pledged to crochet one section each a day for every day in January! The collection bin will be at our … Continue reading

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Mom jeans, don’t be the butt of jokes!

As Moms, we sure take a lot of crap from society. Overworked, unpaid and juggling this funny little thing called LIFE…really?? Now we have to worry about if our jeans are acceptable? I’d rather see someone in “mom” jeans than … Continue reading

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