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Free Kindle Book | Be A People Person by John C. Maxwell!

Free Kindle Book | Be A People Person by John C. Maxwell! GRAB THIS FREE KINDLE DOWNLOAD NOW! Looking for a Free Kindle Book? Who doesn’t LOVE free!! Be sure to check out this one by John C. Maxwell, one of … Continue reading

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  We all have mountains in our lives. It does not matter what they are, to each of us the things that WE have to overcome, can seem monumental. To someone else, your mountain may look small, they may have … Continue reading

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A few weeks ago a friend invited me to bible study. She was quick to say “really its book club at a church and we have never opened a bible, its more like a personal development book club. I don’t … Continue reading

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I had a great conversation today about giving and receiving help.veroxybd.comhttp://aton-mebel.ru It’s definitely a conversation I’ve had before and its seems like there is a pattern. Most of the people who have a really hard time accepting help are the … Continue reading

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During my morning workout the other day, songs were jammin’, we were sweatin and the following topic came up…http://visualcage.ru It is SAD that as a society we seem to think women need a hero. We need to be rescued. Whose … Continue reading

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Wonder women UNITE!

It started when I was a little girl. I had Wonder Woman Underoos, they made me powerful. I KNEW when I wore them, I could conquer ANYTHING!Фазан Fast foward about elevenity billion years…or 30 and not much has changed… When … Continue reading

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I use to be a yes girl. Need someone to do you a favor? Need someone to volunteer? Need a sitter, a baker, a candlestick maker?? Ok, you get the picture…but REALLY…I once volunteered to be President of my HOA … Continue reading

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Mom jeans, don’t be the butt of jokes!

As Moms, we sure take a lot of crap from society. Overworked, unpaid and juggling this funny little thing called LIFE…really?? Now we have to worry about if our jeans are acceptable? I’d rather see someone in “mom” jeans than … Continue reading

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