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I am Mama to three teenagers.Правила реагирования It’s funny, I remember when they were little and people would comment on how close they were in age (22 mths each way) and then almost immediately they would say “OH! Just wait … Continue reading

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I had a great conversation today about giving and receiving help.veroxybd.comhttp://aton-mebel.ru It’s definitely a conversation I’ve had before and its seems like there is a pattern. Most of the people who have a really hard time accepting help are the … Continue reading

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Get OFF the poor sleep/bad diet merry-go-round. The connection between sleep and dietary habits has been studied for years. Recent findings suggest that not only can poor sleep lead to bad food choices but that those bad food choices can … Continue reading

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The 5 Reasons you have FAILED at running!

Many people believe they cannot run. I was one of them. This is me finishing my first Half Marathon! I was wrong and chances are you are too. Here are 5 of the top reasons many who are new to … Continue reading

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