Rest and Recovery

Rest Recovery OvertrainingВыравнивание земельного участка

Are you recovering or just resting?

Now, there is a fine line between making an excuse to skip your workout and taking a rest day. Some days we just need the mental day off, and that is healthy too, as long as it isn’t on a regular basis.  I use to overtrain a lot and I can relate to the symptoms below.

Most people who exercise regularly know their bodies and what they need.  I know mine and I’m pretty good about being able to tell when I need to take the day off.  It’s taken time, patience and trial & error to learn to listen to my body.  I can maintain a pretty serious workout schedule these days and not get run down too quickly. Eating clean helps  a LOT!  Making sure that my body is well fueled and well rested (with the appropriate amount of sleep) keeps me in balance.

When you exercise regularly, your body needs to repair and strengthen itself between workouts.  Even the best athletes take rest days.  Take a look at your current exercise routine and make sure you have a scheduled rest day.  On your rest day SOME activity is okay but make it different from what you normally do and make it light.


Not sure if you are overtraining? Here are some signs:

If you find that you are overdoing it, simply take a step back. I KNOW how frustrating it can be but remember this is a LIFESTYLE and you have plenty of time to get back to it. Better to respect your body than injure it.


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