Pretty in Pink?!?!

Move over Molly!Зимний сад на балконе

If you know me well, you know HOW MUCH I heart salt!

I have been known to salt every bite, salt before tasting, lick tortilla chips so the salt will stick to them…margarita, rocks, SALT!! you get the picture.

In a quest toward better health I have (almost) given up adding table salt to my food. I still add a dash here and there when cooking, having switched to Sea Salt, because it’s healthier.

Imagine my absolute BLISS at the idea of a truly healthy salt!!


And it’s PINK?!?!? Oh, pretty pink salt goddess…

check OUT these stat’s and get your pink on today!

Himalayan Pink Salt Benefits:
Following are some of the Himalayan pink salt benefits:

Umm, HELLO? Its YUMMY and good for my libido? Lord HELP my boyfriend 😉

Have YOU tried this beautiful salt?  Comment below and tell me if you love it as much as I do!



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