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Those of you who follow me on FB saw me post this last night but I thought others might enjoy this simple, yet AWESOME idea!!

Don’t you just LOVE when your kids teach you something? I don’t know about you but my kids teach me something new every day!

This cool little idea came to me from my daughter, Amelia, who is 15. She said she has been using it to remember things that she needs to do. What I really loved is that on the example she showed me, one of the things on her list was – Call Mom! She spent this past weekend Christmas shopping with my mom (a yearly tradition) and she wanted to remember to call and ask me a question about something on the shopping list.

The instructions are typed out in the picture above but if you would like another example with some pictures check out how-to-take-a-screenshot-with-the-iphone

This idea was both simple and useful. I do have a traditional calendar but I know this will come in handy when I am running around and need to see my day (or my list) at a quick glance. Really the possibilities are endless!

I would LOVE to hear how you use it!

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