Letting Go – Parenting Teens

I am Mama to three teenagers.Правила реагирования

It’s funny, I remember when they were little and people would comment on how close they were in age (22 mths each way) and then almost immediately they would say “OH! Just wait until they are ALL three teenagers!”

And now they are.

And while I have enjoyed every stage of their lives, I must say…I might just be enjoying this one the most. Don’t get me wrong, I was MADE for having babies. There is nothing quite as satisfying as knowing you are needed in the way an infant needs you…except maybe…a young adult who doesn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I KNOW they still need me. However, teaching them how to be independent has been more satisfying than I could have ever imagined. Recognizing my children as capable individuals has been such a gift, to them and to me.

I feel this most with my oldest. He is 17 and a 1/2 (do you still count 1/2 years at this point? You DO if you are THAT close to 18) and changing into a man before my very eyes.  He is attending college, working (closer to FT than PT) and insisting on paying for certain things. He just got back (as I am writing this) from 5 days at the beach with his bosses and coworkers. He did not ask me for ANY money.



This was his first trip away from home by himself (without school or family) and I was not worried about him. Now…he did go with responsible adults and I may have been more worried if he was with a group of friends but…I know that I have done what I can and that he is a level headed, responsible and CAPABLE person. Not *just* my son.

He is months away from going out into the world, which probably means continuing to live at home for awhile 😉  and he knows how to cook, clean, do laundry, grocery shop, iron, unclog a toilet, budget, and many other things. In addition to all those important skills…he REALLY knows how to think for himself, he cares about others and he is a good and kind person.

This shit is getting real. Letting go a little every day while becoming even closer is a tricky little balancing act but we are figuring it out. Our roles are changing and we are BOTH growing. and *I* am learning SO much.



Hope FatoHope Fato is a Lifestyle Coach focusing on Health & Wellness. This Mom of 3 strives to help others receive the support they need in making positive changes in their health and in their life. Whether you are struggling physically, financially, or emotionally she is here to help you bring out your BEST inner self and help you achieve real results.


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13 Responses to Letting Go – Parenting Teens

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  2. Shawn says:

    Great perspective on parenting Hope. It’s great to read that 17 1/2 years of great family leadership and sound parenting is paying off.

  3. Cool Hope! We don’t have kids, however I’m very close to my nephew and I have really tried to enjoy every stage of his life, it goes by quick and I love how he is growing and developing.

    You’ve done a great job momma! – T 🙂

  4. Ruby Uhart says:

    My son is 4 1/2 and I am hoping that by the time he is in his teens my husband and I will have molded him into a responsible, respectful, and wise young man. I loved your story 🙂

  5. Brianna says:

    I’m not sure how I’ll feel when mine gets to 17 1/2 haha. I have 17 years to go but I can only imagine!

  6. Charlene says:

    What a nice story to read. It’s great to hear positive things about parenting and real feelings.

  7. I can so relate Hope! I have a 22yr old a 16 year old and a 14 yr old. I agree with you we have to teach them to think for themselves even if that means letting them stumble a little 😉 I love reading your blog. your so real and you make me chuckle a little with the way you say some things.

  8. Hallie Freedman says:

    You are an amazing mama. I hope when I get to that point of my life with teenagers at home… I am able to enjoy it as much as you! Lol

    PS- Ant’s hair looks AWESOMe!!!

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