Kids Cook| Kid Friendly Chicken Recipe Ideas

Kid Friendly Chicken Recipe Ideas

(cuz this protein crazy Mom’s kids are SICK of chicken)

Easy Chicken Recipes Kids

“Ugh!! NOT chicken *again*!”  Sound familiar? If you are a mom trying to eat well and get in enough lean protein…sometimes, your family gets a little tired of eating bland chicken. It had gotten to the point that my kids decided they did not LIKE chicken.  My daughter stopped eating meat all together, coincidence? hmmm

Admittedly, I may have gotten a little lazy in preparation and lets face it, baked chicken with nothing added is not that exciting of a recipe. Add a little Mrs Dash, even with allll the different flavors…yeah, still not something most kids will be anxious to eat several times a week.

The habit we got into was…Mom eats her boring chicken and kids (well, my boys anyway) eat…wait for it…CRAPPY microwave food. Enter Hot Pockets, Pizza Bites, etc. Cue Mommy Guilt, stage left.  I coach people on their health and fitness goals. A huge focus of my life is nutrition. My kids were existing on frozen food.

So IMAGINE my excitement at a SOLUTION! It was quite by accident, but thinking back on it…I guess it shouldn’t have been a big surprise. You know how kids work. Tell them they can’t have something and…well, you Mamas KNOW the rest of the story.

To save myself time and money and to help me stay on plan I started cooking a BUNCH of chicken, shredding it and keeping it in the fridge to grab as needed. Funny thing happened one day when my son wanted something to eat and I suggested he make a Quesadilla with some of the chicken…can you guess? Yeah, my chicken started disappearing in record time, especially when his older brother learned this new recipe.  Soon after BBQ Chicken Sandwiches and Chipotle style Burritos were born.

Easy Chicken Recipes Kids

I have since started keeping one stash of chicken for the boys and one for Mom. We are going through a TON but I am so tickled that they are eating healthier AND having fun coming up with ways to eat it. WHAT a great life skill.  Next…guess I should teach them how to cook the chicken!

Here are a few of the ways they are making/enjoying it:

Easy Chicken Recipes Kids

Chicken Quesadillas

  • two flour tortillas
  • shredded chicken
  • shredded cheese
  • salsa or hot sauce

Spray skillet with cooking spray. Place one tortilla in pan, spread desired amount of chicken and cheese out evenly (add salsa if you wish, my boys don’t), top with second tortilla. Allow to heat up for a few minutes. Once the cheese starts melting and the bottom tortilla starts browning, flip. Heat for an additional few minutes. Remove from pan and cut into smaller pieces. Serve w/ additional salsa or hot sauce (my youngest uses Sriracha) . ENJOY!


Chipotle style Burritos

  • flour tortilla
  • shredded chicken
  • rice
  • black beans
  • other fillings optional

My oldest son wanted to replicate his favorite burrito from his favorite restaurant. This is SUPER easy because not only do I ALWAYS have chicken on hand, I keep cooked rice in the fridge at all times as well.  This is basically a heat ingredients and fill/roll tortilla recipe. Sometimes my son will heat the tortilla and sometimes he won’t. I think it depends on how quickly he wants to make it.

Easy Chicken Recipes Kids

BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

  • shredded chicken
  • your favorite BB Sauce
  • bread/rolls

Again, this is pretty self explanatory. Heat chicken. Stir in BBQ sauce. Put on whatever bread or roll you’ve got. Nom nom nom. Growing boys CRUSH these.


some others things I have seen them make: Chicken Salad, Chicken and Rice, Chicken Cheese & Salsa Dip, Chicken Cheese & Salsa Nachos


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