Mom jeans, don’t be the butt of jokes!

As Moms, we sure take a lot of crap from society. Overworked, unpaid and juggling this funny little thing called LIFE…really?? Now we have to worry about if our jeans are acceptable? I’d rather see someone in “mom” jeans than stuffed into skinny jeans that are clearly 2 sizes too small.

SNL’s Spoof – Sensible Jeans for Moms Everywhere

Okay, its kinda funny BUT other than being RIDICULOUSLY outdated these women look pretty well put together. Accessories, hair styled and make up on. Realistically, its a pretty great day for most moms of little ones if they remember to brush their teeth and get out of pajama pants.  Personally, I think if you have your kids fed, can remember their names (forget keeping them straight) for more than 5 minutes and are wearing two of the same shoes – you are a ROCKSTAR!

Most moms I know DO desire to look and feel good, its just hard to balance between your role (Mom) and you.  When you have little ones needing new clothes, its easy to put yourself on the back burner. Between that and fighting the battle of what birthing babies and age can do to your body, there is also the guilt about buying a new pair when your own size is fluctuating.  Not so surprising then that, on average most women own 10 pairs of jeans but only wear 4.  Think maybe this is why women LOVE shoes?

Oprah’s Denim Do’s and Don’ts

Knowing the right style of jeans for your body style can be a HUGE help. For a long time I kept trying to buy jeans in the Juniors Dept, it was very depressing. I would grab my size and feel deflated. Then one day AHA! I realized, I was a woman. Women, in general compared to teens, have hips. Um, duh.

The good news is you won’t have to own more than one (or two) if you have ones that FIT you correctly. Can you picture it? Going into the dressing room, trying on jeans that fit and feeling AWESOME?   For a great guide to figuring it out, click the pic below.

The Best Jeans for every body type – Shape Magazine

If you would like to get into one size and STAY there,  I am here to tell you its not only possible, its EASY and you will not have to starve yourself!!  Contact me and lets work together to get you there! Hop on over to my FB page and lets chat!


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