How to BE

Most days I have a few moments like this, if I am lucky…and some days I am so caught up in…everything…that I don’t think I am present at all. I forget in the craziness of life how to just BE.

In hopes of being able to experience this more often, and in case it helps anyone else…I am blogging about it!


WHAT was so different? Well, yes…

it WAS Mothers Day and I got some presents and my daughter made me breakfast and  I bought myself some flowers and we went on a hike and out to dinner


it wasn’t any of these things really…though it is nice feeling spoiled.

My day was so wonderful because I connected with my children and enjoyed them. I didn’t focus on problems, didn’t stay glued to my phone, didn’t worry about tomorrow or next week or last year. I got some chores done this morning, crossed some things off my list, felt like I accomplished something and then RELAXED into my day. I talked with and listened to my children instead of talking AT them. I was simply WITH them. No real agenda, no deadlines, no goal.

I know we cannot operate with no agenda or schedule EVERY day but how can we feel like this on a more regular basis?  I’m going to try and simply it (if I can), so that I might be able to look back at it and do it again.


This EXACT formula may not work for you (or for me every time) but play around with it and see what works!

I hope that you experienced this on your special day and that it’s something you experience for at least a few moments EVERY day!! I know its something that I want more of in my life.


Hope FatoHope Fato is a Lifestyle Coach focusing on Health & Wellness. This Mom of 3 strives to help others receive the support they need in making positive changes in their health and in their life. Whether you are struggling physically, financially, or emotionally she is here to help you bring out your BEST inner self and help you achieve real results.


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10 Responses to How to BE

  1. Ruby Uhart says:

    I need to make this a weekly thing. 1 day every week that I am disengaged and present. Thank you for this post Hope 🙂

  2. Being present in your personal life and in business is crucial to achieving.

    In your personal life you’ll enjoy moments to their fullest. I business you’ll get more done in less time.

    Thank you for sharing Hope – T 🙂

  3. I LOVE this. Happy to hear you had such a wonderful mommy’s day! 🙂 I totally unplugged and spent the day with Vlad and my family, too. It is a MUST once in a while. When Vlad gets home (after my “business hours” are done) we have Hallie/Vlad time. Sometimes that’s just doing something together that needs to get done around the home. Regardless, it is time together and unplugged and I think I need it every night!!!! 🙂

  4. Your speaking my language Hope! I had the same experience yesterday and was just praying about that this morning. I need to be done working at some point in the day and just BE…I lie how Brianna said unplug…Love it, have a day to unplug 😉

  5. Brianna Nash says:

    This is so on time. I need to unplug at least one day a week. Either Wednesday or Sunday. Im thinking Sunday since my husband is off.

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