Heatwave…LICK FAST!

Running has so many fun little perks…like this tip from Runner’s World’s August edition…berryjam.ruhttp://dekor-okno.ru

“having a popsicle or icy drink before a hot run will lower your body temp so you can go longer without overheating.”

DUDE! I get to eat POPSICLES?!?!  screams my inner 5 year old!

oh. wait. I have long since outgrown those syrupy sweet icy treats.

While not much of a fan of traditional popsicles I am VERY excited to try this grown up, healthier version posted in the New York Times Magazine this past Sunday. MUCH healthier than the sugar ladden, rainbow colored boxes gracing the super market frozen food aisle…I will be playing around with adding in my Vi Shake Mix and using unsweetened almond milk in place of milk.

I will let you know! YUM!


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