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 Heart Attack: Are you at risk?

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My boyfriend had a heart attack this past summer.  I wasn’t very vocal about it online. Only my family and close friends really knew that it had happened. Normally, I share pretty much every hangnail on Facebook…

It was a HUGE shock, to me and to everyone who knows him. Rob is known for being active. He goes out on his bike several times a week. His long rides can be up to 60 miles. He also plays soccer, football and we went on hikes regularly.  The heart attack happened WHILE he was on a bike ride. It just didn’t seem to make sense.

I mean sure…he had back surgery almost a year prior. He had not been able to get quite back to where he had been weight wise or activity level. However, he was still pretty active compared to most people I know and had been very much so before he hurt his back.  HOW does this happen to someone who is healthy, active and under 40?

The answer is part genetics, part nutrition, and part lifestyle. Heart health has MUCH more to do with your habits than who your parents are. The Framingham Heart Study found that only a small proportion of cardiovascular health is passed from parent to child; instead, it appears that the majority of cardiovascular health is due to lifestyle and healthy behaviors.

“What you do and how you live is going to have a larger impact on whether you are in ideal cardiovascular health than your genes or how you were raised,” says Norrina Allen, the lead study author and a postdoctoral fellow in preventive medicine.

While his father did have heart disease (and that certainly didn’t help in the genetics column)  it is far more likely that years of eating fast food led to clogged arteries and high cholesterol.

We were VERY lucky that he made it through okay, and all of those good habits probably DID help.

It sure did open my eyes. What I eat and being active has been a HUGE part of my life for several years now but this really hit home. My routine had really been MUCH more about how I looked in my jeans.

You can be active, you can look good on the outside…but if you treat your body like crap by drinking to excess, smoking and/or eating horribly on a regular basis…you ARE not healthy. You are just going through the motions in vain. You might look good in a bathing suit but what will get you if your heart fails?

I decided that I needed to share this, that there are SO many people out there, like me, who KNOW this information but aren’t really thinking it applies to them.  Don’t take it for granted. It is important. TODAY.

You can change your habits slowly and painlessly.   If you would like some help, I’d love to get you started.  Find me on FB and let’s connect!

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