Ego vs Self

Ego vs self is not a concept I was really familiar with until this past year. With ALLLLLLL the personal development I have done, all the books, cd’s, seminars etc…somehow it still wasn’t something I was really aware of or understood.


It was not until I picked up the book A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle that I began to understand, exactly to what extent, I had been a victim to my own mind.

“Most people are so completely identified with the voice in the head — the incessant stream of involuntary and compulsive thinking and the emotions that accompany it — that we may describe them as being possessed by their mind. As long as you are completely unaware of this, you take the thinker to be who you are.”

 I’ve lived with anxiety for years…for as long as I can remember actually. I thought it was just something I was victim to and didn’t have much control over. I thought it was just me.  Once I began to understand that the CONSTANT thoughts, fears, internal arguing and NON stop dialogue going on inside of me was in fact NOT me….it gave me the choice to make a change.

It was simply an awareness that changed everything.  A success is simply being aware when a thought pattern is not working for me. Even though I can’t always change it immediately, once I am aware the ego is weakened.  And once I simply put a thought down or let it go, the ego is weakened again.

Arguing only feeds the ego, only keeps the conversation going. Ever get into an argument with someone who would rather argue for the sake of arguing? Who seemed to care less about who was right but fed on the confrontation? Yeah, same thing with your ego. It simply revels in keeping you roped in for as long as possible.

Even now that I know what I know…ego is TRICKY! Figure out its motive and it will slink away only to find a side door and sneak back up on you.

Ego THRIVES  in comparison, being right & judgements of self and others.  That snide voice you hear? It’s not you. I often have a judgement thought immediately followed by guilt. Ego loves this double whammy. Now, whenever I judge (and yes, it still happens) I quickly forgive myself and dismiss it. Forgiveness disarms ego.

The things that have helped me the most so far in separating from my ego and living from my true self:

Living in the moment –

That doesn’t mean I never plan. I simply try to enjoy where I am, wherever that is and not worry about the future, not live for whats next.

Meditating –

I find that once my ego gets bored and gives up (it usually takes some time) the stillness inside of me is an amazing thing. I feel connected to my true self in these moments.

Support –

Spending time with/talking to others who share my awareness and who are also on a path to better themselves

Forgiveness –

Forgiving myself and others on a NON stop basis. Some days it feels like I have to WORK at this on a moment by moment basis, other days its just where I exist.

What is your experience? Had you been aware of your ego in this way? If so, what works for you in keeping it in line? Comment on this post… I’d love to hear from you!

Hope FatoHope Fato is a Lifestyle Coach focusing on Health & Wellness. This Mom of 3 strives to help others receive the support they need in making positive changes in their health and in their life. Whether you are struggling physically, financially, or emotionally she is here to help you bring out your BEST inner self and help you achieve real results.


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