Don’t be a victim to your moods| How to be Happy

Ups and downs. Everyone has them. Some people more often than others.



I use to be one of those people who had them a LOT. My life was an emotional rollercoaster and rather than throw my hands up and enjoy the ride, I was gripping the bar for dear life and  clenching my teeth going into each turn. Mood swings, anxiety, and panic were every day occurances. I was victim to whatever emotion I was currently riding.

These days the rollercoaster is still there but I don’t always get on.

What changed?

Was it my life? While there were a lot of changes in my life, the main thing that changed was me. I realized that while I don’t always have control over things (in fact I almost never really do – control is an illusion), I don’t have to play victim to them either. I DO have control over my reaction.

It is not something that happened over night. It is something that has taken a lot of work, as a matter of fact its something I am always working on.

Today for instance…I realized all of a sudden that I felt whiney. I wasn’t sure why and the truth is I didn’t care why. What really mattered was it’s not how I wanted my day to continue. I decided to take charge, throw myself 100% into my workout and ignore that whiney girl til she got bored and went away. It worked!!

Does it always work? Of course not. I am human, however because I have a desire and awareness and have accepted responsibility for my own happiness…more often than not I am happy.


Are you in control of your emotions or do you let them run the show?   Join me on FB and let me know what has worked for you!



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