A week of the Flu| ways to spend time with your teens

This past week was wonderful and difficult. All three of my teens had the Flu.

Such a different experience than when all of them were much littler. They don’t need me as much as they did when they were toddlers and I found comfort in making them soup, taking their temperature and giving (and getting) extra hugs. They are teenagers now and while I hated seeing them sick, there was a part of me that relished in taking care of them.

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The other part struggled with not getting to go to my morning exercise class. It was hard being interrupted every time I started to feel like I was being productive. I work from home and while I have a great deal of flexibility…getting much done wasn’t easy.
As I was recovering from being sick myself, I was also sleep deprived, run down and just generally blah.  I bounced back and forth between nurse, short order cook and work from home mom. I spent a lot of time feeling like I was a rock star for all I was getting done and alternately feeling like I was getting NOTHING done!!

It was interesting to be aware of the highs and lows, to surf the ups and downs and to gently remind my high strung self what really matters to me big picture.

Quantity time = Quality

I wasn’t JUST taking care of sick children. I was modeling care taking, patience and love.  I was creating memories. I won’t have these opportunities for forever. Some day they will be out on their own and somehow I don’t think I’ll look back and regret not hitting the gym or getting X number of pages read. I’ll remember making my daughter tea and making egg sandwiches for my sons. I’ll remember lots of “Thank you, Mama”.

sick kids flu mom

Why do we as women, and especially moms give ourselves SUCH a hard time? Why do we constantly beat ourselves up? It’s a cycle I am working hard to break, its not one I want to pass down to my daughter.

Do you struggle with this same issue? Comment below and tell me how you deal with it 🙂

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