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How to Peel and Chop Garlic     Garlic…..It goes in so many dishes but do you really know how to peel and chop garlic? A little background info on it before I tell you how.  It’s actually a member of the lily family.  Leeks, … Continue reading

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Ego vs self is not a concept I was really familiar with until this past year. With ALLLLLLL the personal development I have done, all the books, cd’s, seminars etc…somehow it still wasn’t something I was really aware of or understood. It was not … Continue reading

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During my morning workout the other day, songs were jammin’, we were sweatin and the following topic came up… It is SAD that as a society we seem to think women need a hero. We need to be rescued. Whose … Continue reading

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This is something that seems to keep coming up recently, for me and for several people in my life. How do you navigate feelings that seem to CONSUME you?Аналитический материал загородного рынка недвижимости июль 2011. Feelings are a beautiful, wonderful … Continue reading

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I peed my pants

This might be TMI but I am okay with that…it might help someone else! As a lot of middle aged moms out there may know, any sort of jumping or running or sneezing for that matter MAY result in peeing … Continue reading

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you know what I hate almost as much as I hate cancer? (and you all KNOW how much I hate cancer)Навес из дерева своими руками I fucking hate anxiety and depression. (yeah, its gonna be that kind of post. I’m … Continue reading

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Wonder women UNITE!

It started when I was a little girl. I had Wonder Woman Underoos, they made me powerful. I KNEW when I wore them, I could conquer ANYTHING!Фазан Fast foward about elevenity billion years…or 30 and not much has changed… When … Continue reading

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Build a permanent home for your children| Respect, Self Esteem & Individuality

Щелезуб Self-esteem at any age can be tricky.  But, I am trying to teach my children how to believe in themselves as well as others and encourage them to celebrate their  individuality. If you are at comfortable with and within … Continue reading

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